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Freebie alert! Get these Case For…For Kids series worksheets. These pair with Lee Strobel’s Case For… For Kids series. Perfect for Christian kids who want to know why they believe what they believe.

In years past, I had some of my children use The Case For… Kids Series as part of their Bible/Christian Studies curriculum.

The Case For… Kids series contains Lee Strobel’s books: Case For Christ For Kids, Case For A Creator For Kids,
Case For Faith For Kids, Case For Grace For Kids, and Case For Miracles For Kids.

Now, I have only used the first three books: Christ, Creator, and Faith. I think they added Grace and Miracles after I had initially used these books from our homeschooling. I assume the last two are great as well, but we have not used them yet.

When my oldest two used these books, they simply read them and that was it. It was very honor-based, and it depended solely on whether they even did their reading.

Now, my third-born will be using them this year. So I decided to create worksheets that will help her get more out of the book, and it will help me know that she is actually doing the work.

And because I’m crazy… or many just a fellow frugal homeschool parent… I’m sharing them with all of you. For free!

As I said, we only have Christ, Creator, and Faith so those are the only books I have worksheets for.
If you desperately would like worksheets for Grace and Miracles, let me know and I’ll see what I can do.

There does not seem to be a preferred order to read these books… that said, there is a 3 in 1 book out there that orders them: Creator, Christ, Faith.

Case For… For Kids Series Worksheets
Worksheets for Case For Christ For Kids
Worksheets for Case For A Creator For Kids
Worksheets for Case For Faith For Kids

I like to print my worksheets out by first printing the cover (page 1) and then printing the worksheets (pages 2+) double-sided. I then staple them together or place them in a plastic folder with prongs. You can store all three books’ worksheets in one folder, easily!

Please note that these worksheets for The Case For… Kids series do not come with an answer key. Someday, I might add that feature, but today is not that day.

Note: if you do happen to find any errors, please send me an email to let me know. I try to catch them all but sometimes a mistake slips by me.

Case For… For Kids Series Worksheets

(Note these books are recommended for ages 8-12. I’d recommend ages 10-13.
The reading itself is easy enough for an 8 year old, but the content can be a little hard for younger children – such as the crucifixion)

Case For A Creator For Kids Worksheets
Case For Christ For Kids Worksheets
Case For Faith For Kids Worksheets

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