Latina Christiana Quiz Key

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Clearly, I love using Memoria Press for Latin (and so much more) but when it comes to Latina Christiana they missed a tiny thing.

Normally, you would get all the answers to quizzes and tests with Memoria Press Latin Teacher Manuals/Answer Keys.

You do in Prima Latina, you do for First Form, Second Form, Third Form, etc.

But apparently, something happened with Latina Christiana.

The Teacher Manual gives beautiful full answers for the tests (these happen after every 5 lessons) but for the quizzes (which are given each week), they only provide the vocabulary answers. The answer for the Latin saying and the grammar forms are not shown and so parents must flip to the lesson to search for the answers.

Now, this isn’t a difficult thing to do. Latina Christiana is an intro to Latin book and it’s easy enough to find the answers on the lesson page… but it is annoying and time-consuming.

To eliminate this issue, I’ve created my own answer key for the quizzes (Note: for test answers, you will still need to refer to your Teacher Manual – I’m not republishing something Memoria Press has already provided… I’m sharing what they did not provide)

I’ve shared these for the families of my Latina Christiana classes but I realized there are so many parents out there who wish they had an easy way to grade Latina Christiana quizzes and so I’m making them accessible to everyone – for free because I’m crazy like that.

It will probably make your life easier if you print off the quiz key and just keep it in your teacher manual, but you can also just refer to the PDF through the link.

Note: if you do happen to find any errors, please send me an email to let me know. I try to catch them all but sometimes a mistake slips by me, and autocorrect does not know Latin.

Latina Christiana Quiz Key

Latina Christiana Quiz Key

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