Second Form Latin

Suggested Grades: 
6th-8th grade

Meeting Info:
Class Duration: 45 minutes

Prerequisites: First Form Latin

Second Form Latin (as the name implies) is the second in our true Latin course. Children will continue learning Latin in more depth as they review material from First Form, learn six indicative active and three indicative passive tenses for all four verb conjugations, five noun declensions (including -er/-ir nouns and i-stems), adjectives in three declensions, personal pronouns, prepositions, 180 new vocabulary words (bringing their total up to 365!) plus many Latin sayings and derivatives! 

Second Form Latin is recommended for grades 6th-8th but we do on occasion have a new to Latin 9th grader. 

Magistra Brittany (magistra means teacher in Latin) will guide your student each week: reviewing old lessons, teaching the new vocabulary and corresponding derivatives, explaining Latin grammar, and helping children understand their declensions and conjugations.

We provide a suggested “homework” lesson plan to help your child work through their lesson at a good pace. This includes when to do their workbook pages and when to review vocabulary.

Each week there is a quiz that is recommended but is up to the parents to decide if they wish to quiz their child. 

There are also occasional review weeks where the students get to play Latin Jeopardy in class, do their review workbook pages at home, and then take a test at the end of the week. 

Note: Parents, you will still be the one responsible for grading your child’s work.

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