A: In the comfort of your home! We use Zoom to host our live and interactive classes. Students can see the teacher as well as fellow students.

A: Our classes range in time. Younger students/classes meet for around 30 minutes. Older students/classes meet for 45-60 minutes depending on the subject.

A: Classes run for 30-36 weeks (depending on the class) Classes start the last week of August and run until around the first week of June (for the 36-week classes, earlier for classes that run shorter).

We take breaks for major holidays (Thanksgiving week, two weeks during Christmastime, and Easter week) but we do not take breaks for the smaller holidays such as Labor Day, MLK Day, Memorial Day). Academic calendars are provided when you register.

A: Parents will need to be willing to make sure their children do their assignments for the remainder of the week. In Latin, parents are also responsible for grading work and administering tests. In Composition, they may submit their child’s final draft for the Virtualis Scholé teacher to grade or they may grade it at home themselves.

Other than making sure their work gets done and helping their children log into class, there is nothing else required of the parents. 

A: We want to make things as easy as possible for you so when you enroll in Virtualis Scholé, you will receive access to the Google Drive file for your child’s class(es). This file will include lesson plans and everything else that you will need to know.

A: The grades that are listed with the classes are our recommendations, but we realize that some students will be younger or older than the grades listed. Please feel free to sign your child up for the class. We will likely send you an email asking for clarification to make sure the class is appropriate for your child, but it will likely not be an issue.

A: Our teachers are fellow homeschool parents who are generally not certified teachers. That said, we want Virtualis Scholé to be cohesive and congruent with educational standards so we have teacher trainings before the beginning of the school year. This allows teachers to become familiar with the curriculum that they will be teaching as well as learn the routine and values that we impart at Virtualis Scholé.

A: We use a few different classical curriculums. 

Christian Book is a great site to buy homeschool curriculum (and they often have sales). 

You can also often buy school books used (although it’s more rare to find used “consumable” workbooks).

For those looking to buy used we recommend:
Homeschool Classifieds (it’s like the craigslist of homeschool books)
Thriftbooks (a used book site that carries mainly fiction and non-fiction books but you can also sometimes find homeschool curriculum)

A: You can fill out our registration form.

Registration opens April 1st and closes July 31st.

A: Yearly tuition is $150 per class (per student). Yes, you read that right! $150 for a year of classes! Tuition can be paid as early as registration acceptance but no later than July 31st.

A: 25% of tuition is non-refundable. If you need to withdrawn from a class(es), 75% of tuition can be returned up until September 1st. After September 1st, all tuition is non-refundable. 

A: If you are on a waitlist, we will email you if a spot becomes available. We will hold that spot for you for 24 hours, if you have not claimed it by then, we will offer it to the next in line.

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