Composition Checklists

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If your child is using Memoria Press’ Classical Composition curriculum, you might want to snag these composition checklists!

Composition or Writing curriculum often does a good job of preparing students with what they need to write a paper. But sometimes, kids need a little extra help.

This is especially true for young students who might still have difficulty remembering that they need to capitalize certain words or add in punctuation.

I’ve also found older students sometimes need a reminder of what to watch out for when writing their papers.

Enter the composition checklist!

There are dozens of writing or editing checklists out there. Most of these checklists are very similar and cover the basics of writing.

I love all the basics but I wanted to include items on my checklists that were a bit more specific to the curriculum we use (Memoria Press Classical Composition). And, of course, I didn’t want to hoard these lovely checklists all to myself, so I am sharing them with all of you.

Simply click on the Composition Checklist that you need, download, and print!

Your child can then keep this checklist inside their composition workbook or in their school binder.

Composition Checklists
For Memoria Press Classical Composition

Composition Checklist for Fable
Composition Checklist for Narrative
Composition Checklist for Chreia & Maxim
Composition Checklist for Refutation & Confirmation

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