Latina Christiana

Suggested Grades: 
4th-5th grade

Meeting Info:
Class Duration: 30 minutes

There is no prerequisite for this class. It’s a great intro to Latin class.

Note: This is a 1 year course.

Latina Christiana is a true intro to Latin, this is where Latin really starts to take off for the kids. Vocabulary lists will increase and students will begin declensions, conjugations, and translations.

Latina Christiana is recommended for grades 4th-5th but we do on occasion have a new to Latin 6th grader.

Magistra Brittany (magistra means teacher in Latin) will teach the students each week: reviewing old vocabulary, teaching new vocabulary, connecting Latin words to their derivatives, and explaining Latin grammar, declensions, and conjugations. 

We provide a suggested “homework” lesson plan to help your child stay on track with their Latin. This includes which days to do their workbook pages and when to review their vocabulary. 

Each week there is a quiz that is recommended but is up to the parents if they wish to quiz their child. 

After every 5 lessons, there is a review week. In class, the kids plan Latin Jeopardy and at home, they have review worksheets to do as well as a test at the end of the week.

Note: Parents, you will still be the one responsible for grading your child’s work.

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