Classical Composition V: Common Topic

Suggested Grades: 
8th-10th grade

Meeting Info:
Class Duration: 1 hour

Prerequisites: Classical Composition IV
Students should have a very basic knowledge of English grammar (verbs, nouns, adjectives, etc.) and punctuation. Students will not need to type in class, but they will need to type their final drafts.

This is the fifth course in classical composition (progymnasmata). This is a method of how to teach writing that has been used for centuries until just recently. 

In Classical Composition V: Common Topic, the students will begin to piece together all the skills they learned in the previous levels (narrative, expository, argumentative) and start using them in a more natural way. One which will look more like a persuasive essay.

Students get to look at real-world issues and offenses such as drunk driving, gossiping, and perjury. Essentially, students are preparing for a mock trial for each topic.

Note, there are some potentially politically charged topics in this curriculum depending on your beliefs so you will want to consider the topics and the class before signing up your child. (a full list can be found at the bottom of this post.) The teacher will, of course, try to maintain civility when covering these topics.

Three weeks are spent on each lesson. We work on all parts of the lesson together. At the end of each lesson, a rotation of students read their final drafts in class which also allows them to become more comfortable with oral presentations and speaking.

Note: We do offer grading for this course based on its recommended grading rubric. Students will type out their paper and can share it with the teacher via email and she’ll send back the graded paper. (If done through google drive, this is done automatically.)
This is not required but we do offer it to help parents.

Full list of lesson topics:
Against a Tyrant
Against Drunk Drivers
Against Abortionists
Against a Leader Who Puts Personal Revenge Above Duty
Against a Sentry Who Falls Asleep
Against a Patricide
Against a Cheater
Against a President Who Lies Under Oath
Against a Gossip
Against a Murmurer

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