Classical Composition II: Narrative

Suggested Grades: 
5th-7th grade

Meeting Info:
Class Duration: 45 minutes

Prerequisites: Taking Classical Composition I is recommended but students could jump in at this level without taking CCI, particularly if they are strong writers already. Students should have a very basic knowledge of English grammar (verbs, nouns, adjectives, etc.) and punctuation.

In Classical Composition II: Narratives, the children will continue learning how to write through narratives (both well known stories like The Frog Prince and biblical narratives like Elisha and the Widow’s Jars). 

Two weeks are spent on each lesson and we work on the harder parts in class, leaving the easier sections for at home. At the end of each lesson, the children read their final re-writes in class which also helps them become more comfortable with oral presentations and speaking.

Note: We do offer grading for this course based on its recommended grading rubric. Parents simple send a screenshot via email or text to the teacher and she’ll send back the graded paper. This is not required but we do offer it to help parents.

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